Accessories for Summer


Jewelry is perhaps one of the easiest ways to upgrade an outfit, now that we’re dealing with scorching temperatures and keeping our outfits light and airy, you can add all the bling you’re missing with some jewelry! 

Summer immediately brings to mind tanned necklines and exposed collarbones stacked with rows of dainty gold necklaces. 

But the IT girls of 2023 have decided that this is the year of the nostalgic 90s pendant necklaces.

You can take a page out of Bella Hadid’s book and scour your local thrift stores for the best finds, you are sure to leave with something unique and pre-loved, a combo we are always here for.

Nothing screams summer quite like the gems of the sea - we’re talking pearls and seashells! In the form of necklaces, bracelets or earrings, they can be playfully reminiscent of your childhood heroes from H20 or classically elegant like the pearl pieces from Chanel.

Now that you’ve selected your heart shaped statement necklace and drop-pearl earrings, it's time for some serious UV-protection - the best and most fashionable solutions are of course some fun shades and hats!


Although sunglasses are an accessory one should always carry around, there is no time like the summer to give your fabulous frames their five minutes of fame.

With sunglasses there is an endless amount of shapes, colors and sizes to choose from but don’t fret, we have a selection of classic and on-trend styles to help you grow your collection.

Classic black shades are staples for a reason and are wearable with just about anything! 

You can opt for a pair from Prada for a chic effortlessly put together look.

For a more playful look, designers like Loewe, Jacquemus and Emilio Pucci have a wide range of super-sized frames to bring your outfit to a whole ‘nother level.

From geometric, round shapes to more sculptural, rectangular or cloud-like they come in bold colors like pink and orange and are sure to make a statement.

Let’s say you want to do some digging around your dad’s old collection or you’ve just unearthed your new favorite thrift store. 

Two styles you will most likely come across are the 70s tinted frames a la Gucci or some classic Top Gun style Aviators from Ray Ban, this way you don’t have to search far and you will surely get complimented on your timeless taste.



Hair Accessories 

Bucket hats are the best of both worlds - absolutely adorable and provide much needed shade.

If you’re still looking for your next y2k fix, go the logomania route with a hat from Fendi or Dior. For a more subdued but trendy version, Jacquemus does a variation of the bucket hat in almost every color you could hope for - we recommend a pastel blue or pink for a pop of color or a sandy beige for a more neutral look.

Scarves - time to swap out wool for silk!

Silk scarves easily add a luxurious feel to even the simplest outfits, they can be tied around the handle of your bag, around your wrist as a bracelet, around the neck (duh) or around the waist.

Our personal favorite way to utilize them is to use them as a hair accessory, tying them around the head bandana style or over the head and under the chin for a more Old-Hollywood feel, either way it's instantly chic and beautiful!

You won’t have to scroll long to find a number of Hermes, Dior and Gucci pieces in the selection we’ve picked out.


Another quick way to make the most out of your outfit is to add a belt - you can use them to  cinch in your waist and emphasize your silhouette, they can serve as a finishing touch to an already great ensemble or they can draw all the attention with an interesting and bold buckle detail.

We have been preaching about the y2k revival for a while now and in the case of 2023 and belts, it means the return of the statement belt is here. 

A beautiful buckle belt goes a long way, just ask Diesel and Julia Fox who have been advocating for the “belt-skirt” as the perfect 2 in 1 trend.

If you’re more into classics, you can go for a timeless skinny belt like the instantly recognisable H-emblazoned leather belts from Hermes or a gold chain belt from Chanel.

Written by Leonarda Babic
Leonarda Babic is a fashion writer based in Copenhagen
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