Jacquemus represents not only a new name in the world of fashion, but a new approach to fashion culture that fascinates onlookers as the future of designer houses is shaped. Established by Simon Porte Jacquemus when he was just twenty years old, the brand can't help but reflect the youth and exuberance of its founder as its fresh, flowing designer collections rejuvenate the runways. 

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More about Jacquemus

During his nearly ten years of presence in the industry, Jacquemus has managed to achieve a level of acclaim and recognition of his creative talents generally reserved for the most prodigious in the field and has been embraced as something of an enfant terrible, even receiving LVMH's Special Jury Prize awarded to promising young designers at the LVMH Prize. Combining fabric traditionally used for workwear with simple, modern cuts, Jacquemus has succeeding in creating appealing and wearable lines of designer women's clothing and accessories that attract a fashion-forward clientele. No stranger to color, Jacquemus explores the full range of hues with the unexpected combinations of pastels and richer tones that characterize his collections, applying the same bright colors to his accessories as to the ensembles worn on the catwalk. Jacquemus makes up for his lack of longevity with his refreshing takes on contemporary design and the inclusivity that is so key to successful branding in today's culture. His gorgeous pieces represent an approach to haute couture that is likely to be imitated by other designers eager to find the same success among modern consumers, and make his creations great pieces for those who wish to take part in the next great fashion movement.