Transition Pieces: Summer to Fall

We know, trading your summer wardrobe for a fall one might seem like saying goodbye to a lot of fun choices but this edit is about to nip that theory in the bud.

For starters, packing away your summer favorites should not be your first step in constructing your summer-to-fall wardrobe. On the contrary, many of your most-worn pieces can still be featured in looks to come.


When you’re dealing with morning rush and need a no-brainer, just grab your favorite summer maxi dress and start layering. For the office-appropriate version, throw on a sharp blazer and for a more casual look swap the blazer out with a denim or leather jacket depending on your mood. 

Your warm-weather wardrobe probably includes at least one tank you’re not willing to let go yet, and there is no need to – simply add a cardigan and it's fall-ready! Much like in the summer, this combo can still include your favorite maxi skirt, denim after all is an-year material.


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Colors and Materials

One of the first signs we are entering the transition between summer and fall is the sudden onslaught of everything leather. And honestly, we don’t mind it one bit, leather trousers, boots, bags, accessories all signal a new chapter without necessitating a trip to the stores and buying an all new wardrobe. A leather piece is a fairly smart investment to make for this time of year, it can last years if properly taken care of, especially when it comes to bags. Silk and lighter-weight cashmere also start creeping into our wardrobes, replacing linens and more sheer materials. 

Apart from materials, choosing certain shades is a must for setting the tone for the season – rich browns and burgundies, bold reds and the classic black are just some of the colors we will be welcoming back this year. You can start introducing these colors gradually, using accessories like light scarves, shades and of course - shoes and bags!


Open-toed sandal season is coming to a close and ushering in the season of fall-favorites. For us that includes the obvious choice of boots and whether you prefer a thigh-high or an ankle boot is entirely up to you but boots are a must, both suede and leather versions being reliable choices for when the temperatures start dropping. Another must is sneakers, which can be sportier or dressier depending on the design.

More recently, the on-trend choices for this transition period were preppy models like ballet flats and Mary Janes for which we can thank Ms. Miuccia Prada.

Transition Pieces From Summer To Fall



Last but not least, our favorite topic –  bags! 

While during your days by the beach a simple handbag might have been more than enough, going back to the city and the office means a more practical choice is needed. For the days where you need to fit more than just your wallet and keys a tote bag is a great carry-all option to have. 

A classic choice like the Goyard Saint Louis or the LV Neverfull can even fit your laptop and an extra layer of clothing for those days where you find yourself out all day. 2023 might as well go down in history as the year of the ludicrously capacious bags with how many runway shows featured models strutting with XL models under their arms and celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Hailey Bieber and Zoe Kravitz being photographed with the Saint Laurent Icare Tote, cementing it as one of the IT-bags of the year.

Written by Leonarda Babic
Leonarda Babic is a fashion writer based in Copenhagen
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