Relatively new to the haute couture scene, Celine has made huge strides since the end of World War I as the sweetheart of modern French fashion. Originally concentrating on producing high quality children's shoes, the designer revamped its approach in 1960 and launched lines of women's ready-to-wear and leather goods. 

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  1. Celine
    Céline Handbag
  2. Celine
    Céline Tote bag
  3. Celine
    Céline Macadam
  4. Celine
    Céline Clutch bag
  5. Celine
    Céline Macadam
  6. Celine
    Céline Tote bag
  7. Celine
    Céline Shoulder bag
  8. Celine
    Céline Macadam
  9. Celine
    Leather Shoulder Bag
  10. Celine
    Leather Clutch Bag
  11. Celine
    Leather Shoulder Bag
  12. Celine
    Céline Tri-Fold
  13. Celine
    Céline Glasses
  14. Celine
    Céline Macadam
  15. Celine
    Triomphe Cabas Vertical Satchel
  16. Celine
    Leather Satchel
  17. Celine
    Patent Leather Satchel
  18. Celine
    Medium Trapeze Leather Satchel
  19. Celine
    Céline Boogie
  20. Celine
    Céline Tote bag
  21. Celine
    Céline Handbag
  22. Celine
    Céline Boogie
  23. Celine
    Céline Luggage
  24. Celine
    Céline Macadam
  25. Celine
    Céline Handbag
  26. Celine
    Céline Glasses
  27. Celine
    Céline Macadam
  28. Celine
    Céline Phantom
  29. Celine
    Céline Horse carriage
  30. Celine
    Céline Trapèze
  31. Celine
    Céline Handbag
  32. Celine
    Céline Trapèze
  33. Celine
    Céline Tote bag
  34. Celine
    Céline Luggage
  35. Celine
    Céline Trio
  36. Celine
    Céline Necklace
  37. Celine
    Céline Tote bag
  38. Celine
    Céline Wallet
  39. Celine
    Céline Wallet
  40. Celine
    Céline Scarf
  41. Celine
    Celine Vintage Fuchsia and Green Arc de Triomphe Silk Scarf
  42. Celine
    C Macadam Canvas Handbag
  43. Celine
    C Macadam Canvas Pouch
  44. Celine
    Diamond Leather Clutch Bag
  45. Celine
    Leather Hobo Bag
  46. Celine
    C Macadam Suede Handbag
  47. Celine
    Dimitri Suede Crossbody Bag
  48. Celine
    Leather Crossbody Bag
  49. Celine
    C Macadam Suede Shoulder Bag
  50. Celine
    Nylon Handbag
  51. Celine
    Leather Tote Bag
  52. Celine
    Leather Clutch Bag
  53. Celine
    Leather Crossbody Bag
  54. Celine
    Macadam Pouch
  55. Celine
    Macadam Suede Boston Bag
  56. Celine
    Macadam Boston Bag
  57. Celine
    C Macadam Suede Shoulder Bag
  58. Celine
    Woven Leather Shoulder Bag
  59. Celine
    Macadam Boston Bag
  60. Celine
    Macadam Clutch Bag

More about Celine

The repositioning would prove fortunate as the designer collections released by Celine in the 1960s resonated with clients and established the brand as a rising star among fashion greats, leading to further success throughout the rest of the twentieth century and lasting allure for vintage designer enthusiasts. Despite its relatively rapid climb to the heights of haute couture, the brand has been able to benefit from highly in demand creative direction such as Michael Kors and Phoebe Philo, marking Celine pieces as treasures for anyone familiar with designer luxury. Celine incorporates youthful elements into its clean-cut designs, making the brand's offerings contemporary favorites with retro appeal and preventing Celine collections from ever feeling stuffy or old-fashioned. The designer draws inspiration from Parisian landmarks and keeps its essential French flair central to its overall vision. With sleek bags and playful accessories, Celine represents the modern yet classic perspective on French girl style, giving each collector the opportunity to partake in the carefree je ne sais quoi associated with the designer. A carefully chosen handbag, top, or fragrance elevates an ensemble to new heights, injecting an outfit with a healthy dose of structured timelessness with just a hint of edge.