When it comes to fashion obsessions, designer shoes top the list. From strappy sandals to thigh-high boots, no other article of clothing holds the same capacity for seduction, making footwear one of the most sought-after products on the luxury market today. Take part in the long history of high-end footwear by picking up your own fabulous pair of heels, flats, or boots from your favorite designer.

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Chanel's history in footwear is marked by the arrival of the cap-toe two tone slingback in the late 1950s, a style that lengthened the leg while shortening the foot and eventually proving to be one of the most enduring and copied styles of women's footwear in the 20th century. Stunning with a midi-length pencil skirt and delicate blouse, these classic heels are the perfect choice for when you want to incorporate an element of vintage femininity into your day. 

These Chanel shoes may be the brand's most iconic style, but other models offered by Chanel enjoy equal popularity. Chanel espadrilles are a fantastic choice of summer footwear as the traditionally casual jute-trimmed style receives a high fashion upgrade from the designer. Crafted from soft material and emblazoned with the CC logo, you'll undoubtedly turn heads at the beach or resort. Another classic in the realm of Chanel shoes are Chanel flats, also known as ballerinas and immensely popular for those who love to combine style and comfort and aren't willing to compromise on either one. 

Fendi shoes are reserved for those who dare to push the envelope with their footwear. Fendi sneakers are embellished with the brand's signature Zucca print canvas, making each pair of high-tops a platform from which to proclaim your love for the on-trend Italian design house. If sneakers aren't your thing, take a look at some of the limited edition models as the designer doesn't disappoint with its unusual vintage styles. Don't miss some of the brand's more out of the box creations as these Fendi shoes are truly unique with pairs crafted from exotic animal skins or brightly colored rubber detailing.

Fendi flats use edgy materials such as sheer yet durable mesh to enhance their style factor, transforming this traditionally safe selection into a sartorial statement. Match a patterned mesh flat with ankle length cigarette pants and a long lightweight coat for a super chic ensemble that won't look out of place on the streets of even the most fashion-forward cities. 

From Hermès escarpins to Prada Oxfords, the variety of designer shoe styles available are nearly endless and provide countless opportunities to express your own personal style through your footwear. No outfit is complete without the perfect kicks, and there is no better way to top off your ensemble than with a pristine pair of designer shoes.