Almost back to school

It’s almost time to go back to school and that means you can start thinking about what you’re going to wear! No matter what kind of school you’re going back to, you’ll want to look your best. 

Going back to school or university isn’t all about looking your best, it’s also about having all your things in order! Let’s go through some of the most important things to have under control before you head back to school. 



Being organized is a must when going back to school. You need to keep track of homework, deadlines, the parties and much more. Getting a nice agenda cover will – and we’re speaking from experience – definitely help! If you invest in an agenda cover in good quality it’ll last you a long time and you can shop so many different styles. Only looking at Louis Vuitton, you can shop canvas and leather, and you can go for the classic brown monogram or you can opt for a brightly colored cover. The choice is yours!

Almost Back to School


iPhone, iPad & computer covers

Perhaps you have a new phone, iPad or computer for the new school year or perhaps you want to make your old ones seem new – in both cases you should invest in a good cover. This is another great way to express your personality with colors and print while taking care of the things you need for school or university. 


Photos: The Vintage Bar

Bags & totes

Books, computer, water bottle, charger  you’re going to need a bag to hold all of this. An all time classic is the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, but other great options from the French maison are the Sac Plat and one of the many backpacks. If you’re not a Louis Vuitton girl, Gucci, Loewe, Prada and Dior also create wonderful totes perfect for bringing the runway to the lecture hall. 


It’s not really necessary to dress up when going to school, so let’s go through some basics as well as some easy ways to accessorize without spending too much time on it. 

A great basic is a well-fitting pair of jeans! They’re hard to come by but once you find your perfect pair, you’re set for life (or until they fall apart). Skinny jeans have been out of fashion for a little while, but the IT-girls have started wearing them, so when it comes to jeans there really are no rules.

Another great basic, a shirt. You can choose tight-fitted to achieve a corporate look or you can opt for oversize linen and perhaps even wear it open with a t-shirt underneath for more of a casual look. If you get cold, you can throw on a jumper –they’re perfect for those chilly classrooms and lecture halls.

Photo: @the_thundergirl on Instagram.

Now that we have the basics down, let’s talk accessories. There’s no need to overdo it when it comes to everyday styling. Belts are both practical – we know how hard it is to find pants with the perfect fit – and stylish. If you take a look at Instagram you’ll quickly see that belts are coming back into style. Opt for a big buckle or fringe to really make a statement or opt for a classic leather belt to add to your workwear look. 

Hair accessories are also great for understated accessorizing. You can quickly throw on a headband in the morning or choose a quirky elastic instead of the old plain one. This will bring something different to your outfit and you’ll be able to show a bit of your personality while still not using too much time. We know how hard it can be to get up in the morning ;) 

Written by Alberte Gram
Alberte Gram is a fashion writer based in London.
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