Let’s go skiing

Making a list and checking it twice

These are the items you don’t want to be without when you go skiing! But just because they’re practical they don’t have to be boring.

Basic necessities 

The essentials to staying warm and staying out! The worst thing to happen when you go skiing is not being warm enough and ending up wanting to go back inside, so it’s important to keep everything warm. Gloves are a must have. If you’re looking to actually go skiing you might prefer mittens for a bit of extra heat, but gloves of all sorts are better if you’re looking to sip hot chocolate on the top of the mountain gloves might be a better choice.


Photos: linneaharleyz & hannahphilina

Scarves and hats have always been the ultimate winter accessory and you can’t go without them in the cold. Balaclavas have been making a massive comeback in later years and when you go skiing they’re quite clever as they work as a scarf and hat combined. Snoods are also great as they work like a scarf but you don’t have to worry about styling. If you want to think about styling maybe opt for a more traditional scarf and hat as they’re a bit more stylish than let’s say a snood ;)

When shopping for these sorts of accessories, wool or fleece is always a great idea as that’ll help you stay warm the best. If you’re however also looking to look a little stylish, you can opt for cashmere or even leather for your gloves. 

Walking on clouds

UGGs and Moon Boots have been all the rage this winter and for good reason – they’re some of the warmest boots we can think of. If you’re going skiing and you want to be able to walk around, take in the scenery and enjoy a hot drink, you’re going to need some warm boots. These pillowy boots will definitely make you feel like you're walking on cloud 9.

Keeping warm in the cold

This is not going to be a surprise to anyone – if you want to venture out into the cold, you should have a warm coat. Long puffer coats have been a massive hit this winter and will definitely keep you warm, you can opt for something shorter. Another great thing about going skiing is that you can venture out of your comfort zone and no one will care. You can do monochrome black or white, you can choose all neon, you can pick a nice print – the choice is yours!

For easy transport

When going skiing, you’re going to need to pack a lot of stuff because warm clothing takes up a lot of space. It might therefore be a good idea to invest in a nice quality travel bag. Depending on how you’re traveling, you might choose an actual suitcase or you can go for a carry-on appropriate bag. Duffel bags are great for traveling because of their size and because they’re soft. This way you can fill it up and squeeze as many things in there as you want. 

Ski Season


For the aprés-ski

Everyone knows that you don’t just ski when you go skiing. You have dinner, you go out, you enjoy being on vacation! Let’s go through some practical but more stylish items you might want to pack as well.

Long coats

If you’re going to a nice dinner in the mountains, you might want to wear something different than the puffer you’ve been huffing and puffing in all day. A nice long coat – can be black, gray, brown, whatever you want – can make every outfit look that bit more sophisticated, meaning you don’t have to go all out on the outfit underneath if you don’t want to. It also elongates your figure, making you look nice and tall. 

Sophisticated boots

Another easy way to make you look sophisticated and ready for a night out in the cold temperatures without having to put in too much effort, is a pair of nice long boots. You can opt for a pair with or without a heel depending on what kind of vibe you want to have. The main thing is, it’s really nice to have a pair of shoes that have a different feel to them than the ones you wear all day, making you able to change up your look. You don’t have to bring a lot of things in order to do this, but a pair of nice high boots and a long coat are two great options.

That extra little something

We’ve already been through accessories like hats, gloves and scarves, but another – not as practical – hot style at the minute are the earmuffs. We say it’s not as practical, because they’re hard to wear if you actually go skiing and wear a helmet. If you however want to keep your ears warm when going to and from dinner in the evening they’re a very stylish choice that also won’t mess up your hair. 

Sunglasses can – to be honest – be worn on and off the slopes. The sun is always extra strong as it reflects off the white and bright snow, so sunglasses are definitely a must when going skiing. Besides protecting your eyes, you can’t help but acknowledge that sunglasses are one of the best accessories ever created. They elevate any look and they come in so many shapes and sizes that it’s almost impossible to not find a pair that’s just you. 

Written by Alberte Gram
Alberte Gram is a fashion writer based in London.
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