Style Guide: Bottega Veneta Veneta

This time we're guiding you through everything related to the Veneta from Bottega Veneta. How did it come to be and why does it look like it does? How do you style it and what materials does it come in? Read all about it below.

The birth and rise of the Veneta

Bottega Veneta was founded by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro in 1966 as a leather goods company and the company grew a loyal following in the 70s and 80s. The consumers enjoyed the discretion, quality and craftsmanship put into the brand and found it refreshing that the brand didn’t rely on logos. The fan base included Jacqueline Kennedy, Andy Warhol and Lauren Hutton.

Instead the brand is known for their use of the intrecciato weave which they introduced in the early 1970s. It simply means that the leather is tightly woven so you won’t have or see any stitches on the bag. In the beginning this method was only used for handbags but given its success, Bottega Veneta expanded the use to include all product categories. The weave is reimagined season after season meaning they you’ll never go wrong with a woven Veneta. 

Bottega Veneta decided to start using the intreccatio weave at this time, because it was hard to produce leather goods in the 1960s because of the quality of sewing machines at the time.

Logomania however hit the market hard in the 90s, meaning Bottega Veneta saw a dip in sales. The brand was then sold to the Gucci Group in 2001 and revived with the help of creative director Tomas Maier.

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Today, you can see the Veneta bag swung across the shoulder of celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Cameron Diaz, Hailey Bieber, multiple Kardashians and many other celebrities and influencers.

The inspiration behind the icon

The Veneta bag is a relaxed bag in a slouchy ‘hobo’ style. The smooth shape of the bag is rounded and forms a continuous curve that loops around the shoulder. The Veneta closes with a zipper, is fully lined and has multiple pockets.


The Veneta bag from Bottega Veneta comes in three different sizes. The small measures approximately 23 cm x 14 cm (width x height), the medium approximately 38 cm x 26 cm and the large 44 cm x 31 cm.


Most Bottega Veneta bags are made from Nappa leather in order to achieve the classic, high-quality feel that you expect from the brand. Nappa leather is some of the most expensive as it’s derived from the top layer of a hide. This means it’s softer and more durable than other parts of the hide. Because of its high-quality, Nappa leather is the preferred leather for many leather retailers.

Bottega Veneta’s headquarter is located in Milan in Italy and has two manufacturing units in Altavilla Vicentina and Malo, also in Italy. All Bottega Veneta pieces are produced in-house by the hands of highly skilled artisans and this is true for the exceptional Veneta bag as well.

What can you use it for?

Because the Veneta has a zipper closure and pockets, it’s perfect for day to day to wear. The medium and large Veneta bags are large enough to carry your phone, wallet, a notepad for work and the large one can even carry a small sweater in case you get cold. Depending on what color you decide on, the medium and large Veneta can easily brighten up an otherwise understated outfit or you can choose a neutral color if you want it to blend in with your style.

The small Veneta is perfect for a sophisticated night out. It can still hold everything you need, but it doesn’t come across quite as relaxed as the medium and the large because of its small size. This is a hand bag so you might not want to go dancing with it – but don’t let us decide!


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The Veneta bag is made from woven leather and because of this, you need to take care of it in a certain way.

We know that it can be quite inconvenient but every time you’re not using the bag, you should empty it out. This helps to make sure, you don’t get stains on the inside from makeup, water bottles, pens and whatever else all of us have at the bottom of our bags. Besides being good for this reason, it’s also because you should stuff your bag when it’s not in use. This helps the bag keep its shape and ensures that it looks the best it can for the longest time possible.

Besides stuffing the bag – or laying it flat – you should always store your leather bags in their dust bag. This keeps the bag dry so it’s not exposed to humidity as well as shield it from light to prevent discoloration and premature aging of the leather. Premature aging can lead to cracks in the leather which is definitely not something you want to happen to your Veneta.

What else can you do to make your bag as long-lasting as possible? For one, you can start by wiping it down with a dry microfiber cloth. This will remove dust and dirt to get ahead of nasty build up. Besides this, it’s always a good idea to treat leather with a leather creme or conditioner. Some suggest once a month, others say less. You can do however much you want and have time for, but once a month sounds good to us. Leather creme or conditioner should be applied according to the instructions on the bottle.

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