Transition pieces: Spring to summer

The weather is getting warmer but during the transition period you might still experience some chill days. We’re so happy to not have to wear tights anymore, but a mini skirt is showing a lot of skin if the weather still isn’t acting like you’d want it too. How can you compromise? Maxi skirts! Denim skirts have definitely made themselves known during winter and spring and summer is no different. Another great option is a maxi slip skirt. These come in a plethora of colors and prints, so you can cover up while still bringing that summer vibe. 

It’s time to let your feet breathe with a pair of sandals. You can opt for flat during the day and heels for going out or switch it up – it’s up to you. Strappy sandals are great for spicing up an outfit as they add a hint of accessory as well. 

Ballerina sandals have also made a massive comeback in the last year and what better occasion than sun do you need to get a pair? They can easily be dressed down or up depending on the occasion, and you can shop them in different colors and materials to fit


Photos: The Vintage Bar

If you want to be on the safe side, perhaps it’s a good idea to have a backup jacket or jumper with you just in case the weather takes a turn. This time of year, you don’t need anything heavy, so a bomber jacket or a blazer are two great choices. They’re two very different styles, so you can pick and choose whatever fits your personal style. What they do have in common however, is that they both work with both pants, skirts and dresses. A blazer in particular is also a great way to add some color to your summer look!

Swap the scarves for scarves – meaning hide away the wool and dig out the silk! Silk scarves are a great way to easily transform an outfit and add a bit of color.

The plain white t-shirts from Loewe and Prada were both massive hits last year. They’re plain and simple but they’re such a nice base for a summer look. Keep your look simple with jeans and sandals or dress them up with a satin skirt and a pair of heels. You can never go wrong with the basics.

When summer rolls around, you no longer need to think about whether or not your bag can withstand all sorts of weather – bring out all the fun bags! We don’t only mean colorwise but also materials. Perhaps you use a black leather bag for work, but even this can be changed so the black leather doesn’t hold you back from reaching peak summer vibes. A Canapa tote from Prada, a Louis Vuitton Neverfull or the St. Louis tote from Goyard – there are so many options! Even a nice colored tote is an option.

Photo: The Vintage Bar

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Written by Alberte Gram
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