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The temperatures aren’t what they have been and it’s now necessary to bring a jacket wherever you go. But what to choose? Letterman and aviator jackets are always a vibe, if you want to bring a little something extra to your outfit, but if you want something to emphasize your outfit and not disturb it too much, a classic leather jacket or wool coat might be the way to go. 

What are the brands coming out with for fall and winter?


Stella McCartney

At Stella McCartney AW23, debuted in Paris during Fashion Week, you could spot more than one coat featuring animal print. They were both long and short but they all had one thing in common, besides the print – they’re all fluffy. 

If you’re taking a page out of the book of Stella McCartney you definitely won’t be freezing this season!

Miu Miu

The vibe at the Miu Miu show in Paris was – as expected – different from Stella McCartney. The brand primarily showed short jackets and there was no fluff to be seen. The jackets were highly tailored and made to accentuate the waist and shoulders, very reminiscent of a blazer. The colors were more vibrant than one could’ve expected of the winter season, so you can definitely venture away from black, gray and navy blue if you’re not feeling it this season.

Trending Outerwear


Louis Vuitton

The FW23 collection from Louis Vuitton was everything you’d expect from the French brand when it comes to outerwear. One coat was sleek, black and featured nice shoulder details and another was gray with amazing details in leather and oversize sleeves. If you’re looking for classic outerwear with a fun twist, this collection is a good place to garner inspiration.


Photos: The Vintage Bar.


The Valentino show was something else! If you want to stand out this season in regards to outerwear, this show is for sure worth checking out. The stand out coats from this collection are all floor-length, so you won’t be cold, but they’re not just any old coat. One features extravagant white feathers on a black base and one was completely covered in pink sequins, another even had a train!

You can choose to be timeless this season and opt for the Miu Miu look or you can go bold like at Stella McCartney and Valentino. As long as you invest in good materials, you’re sure to stay warm and stylish this fall/winter season.

Written by Alberte Gram
Alberte Gram is a fashion writer based in London.
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