Welcome to The Audo

The Audo is both a boutique residence, café, concept shop, material library as well as a work and event space and came to be in May 2019 when Bjarne Hansen – founder and former CEO of MENU – had the vision to connect likeminded people. I say likeminded people, Pernille Lykke, General Manager of The Audo calls it “kindred spirits”, which speaks to the feeling behind The Audo.

When having to put The Audo into words, Bjarne Hansen says, “Blurring the lines between home-life and work, uniting design, business and community in one innovative space that is alive and under constant renewal, The Audo as a concept is a unique place to experience elements of our built environment as a whole”.

The name The Audo comes from the Latin phrase “Ab Uno Disce Omnes” meaning “from one, learn all” and was chosen as The Audo operates from the belief that knowledge-sharing drives creativity, builds healthier communities and can lead to work of higher quality. This is why The Audo strives to be an ever-changing yet always welcoming home, where international creative individuals can collaborate, experiment and inspire one-another.

Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Monica Grue Steffensen

Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Monica Grue Steffensen

A space with a purpose

The Audo is a space with a foundation of collaboration – this is why it’s both a shop, café, work space and more. When bringing together all these sorts of different purposes you attract a plethora of different people. This contributes to a space filled with fresh ideas, encounters and inspiration for anyone who walks through the door. The Audo makes it possible for users and makers to come together and better discuss and understand each other’s needs and wishes.

Pernille Lykke says, “the space provides an opportunity for creatives to be involved in the shaping of the world through the arts, and acts as a platform for partaking in the conversation about what creative work is and could be”. There are no limits within The Audo, only opportunities.

Pernille Lykke has a background in fashion and homeware and has worked in retail, events and marketing. She’s always been focused on the visual area, creating visual stories and providing customers with amazing events. Pernille decided to leave the department store, she worked at – even though she loved it – because she wanted to connect more with the people, who are a part of the same journey as her. This is why Pernille loves being at The Audo. Behind the scenes of this multifunctional space you find friendship. As a part of The Audo you get close to the partners, guests and customers.

Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Monica Grue Steffensen

Sustainability and The Audo

The Audo, and all they collaborate and partner with, work with sustainability, and The Audo take sustainability into consideration in all areas of their decision making.

Pernille Lykke’s goal when working with both homeware and fashion has always been to inspire people on how to use their products in different ways. For Christmas 2021 The Audo used textiles as ribbons to be both more circular but also personal – creating a different and appropriate use for the textiles.

The people who frequent and use The Audo as intended also appreciate a circular way of life. The Audo sells a lot of vintage interiors from well known designers as well as pieces that just fit the atmosphere of the space. When shopping secondhand Pernille herself likes to look for both fashion and homeware pieces, “in my own home I like the mix of new and vintage pieces”.

Besides selling vintage and secondhand pieces The Audo also sell good quality designs. This provides the customers with an item they can use and keep for many years – and possibly pass down onto younger generations. This is also a practice Pernille follows in her own life, “I try to buy things that will last for a long time and I can pass on to my two kids”.

The Audo doesn’t just sell secondhand pieces – all the residence rooms have vintage designs, so you get a more personal and homely feel when visiting. The inspiring space is perfect for these kinds of pieces that tell a story by simply existing – you can spend a lot of time thinking about the previous owners, the old surroundings, and so much more. This is part of what makes vintage and secondhand pieces so magical.

The Audo welcomes anyone – they have an open spot for the locals of Nordhavn, the tourists visiting Copenhagen as well as everyone looking for a break in a warm and cozy environment.


Written by Alberte Gram
Alberte Gram is a fashion writer based in London.
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