Monochrome Magic

There’s something about a monochrome outfit – and it doesn’t have to be black! A full look in a single color or hue makes for an understated fashion statement. Let’s go through some of the most stylish colors for winter to make sure you stand out – even in just one color.

The classics

Let’s start out with the colors we all know and love – the classics.

The dark

They’re the classics for a reason – they always work. For the colder months, black and gray have always been the top two colors when it comes to dressing. They fit the weather! If you think black is too harsh for you, gray is a great substitute that might fit your skin and hair a tiny bit better. 

The light

Some people believe you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day (September 4th) but we strongly disagree! A nice shade of winter white can do wonders and will definitely brighten up those dark and cold days!

The same thing goes for white as with black – if you find white to be too harsh for you, you can go for a darker beige! It gives a softer look but will be just as striking and make you stand out just the same on those cold and dark days.

Photo: dinahansen

The muted but interesting 

In an interesting turn of events, sage green has managed to sneak its way into our hearts (and wardrobes) and it seems it’ll stay that way for a while. It’s a lovely muted color and fits well into the snowy vibes that January and February bring.


Photos: styleappetite & The Vintage Bar

The outliers

The classics are go-tos for all winters – past and future – but the outliers we’re going to go through now are colors that are specifically hot this winter. Let’s take a look!

The warm tones 

Perhaps you’re usually a lover of all things beige but wish to take things a step further this winter. You’re in luck! This winter, caramel brown and a sunny yellow are two of the colors to go for, if you want to look in the know and these are both natural continuations, if you’re into beige. Staying in the warm tones but moving slightly further away from beige is however orange. You might think that orange is exclusively a color for summer, but think again.



The Barbie approved 

As soon as the fashion world laid eyes on Valentino’s Pink PP collection for the first time, all pink became a massive hit. The infatuation with the color continues and this winter this includes both hot pink (just like Valentino) and baby pink, if you prefer to fly a bit more under the radar.

Another addition to the color palette of the season is red. If you want to venture out, but you think the hot pink Barbie core is too intense, perhaps you can try red! If you choose to go this route, you might have some Christmas items you haven’t put away yet that you can give another spin! 

The alternative to black 

Another great alternative to black is navy blue (some would say this is a classic as well but as it's a trendy color this winter in particular, we’ll keep it here). The same goes for navy as with gray – if you think black is too harsh for your skin tone or potentially your hair color, navy blue is a great alternative. The color is that much softer and might complement you a tad bit bitter. 

Staying in the blue tones, another color worth mentioning this year is light blue! You can choose a light blue with a bit more of a kick to it and turn some heads or you can opt for a muted light blue. A baby blue can fulfill the same purpose and look as a beige and just be that much more interesting.

Photo: The Vintage Bar

The continuation of sage 

We’ve already gone through sage green and its perks, but if you’re not feeling the very dainty color you might consider either a dark green – again, prolonging the life of your Christmas wardrobe – or an olive green which is more earthy. No matter what green you choose this winter, we’re sure you’ll look great.

Written by Alberte Gram
Alberte Gram is a fashion writer based in London.
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