Sandra Willer's Wardrobe

We’ve had a chat with Copenhagen-based Sandra Willer who's majorly into fashion – as a glance at her instagram would show you – but she's also into so many other things. Sandra wants to be transparent and show both the ups and downs of life as she takes on deeper subjects of anxiety and not having found your place in the world yet. She wants to showcase that people can’t be put into boxes – besides being into fashion and personal development, Sandra herself also loves Harry Potter and Marvel (fans rejoice).

What words would you use to describe your style? 

"Feminine, classic and changes according to my mood."

Why do you shop secondhand? 

2I shop secondhand in order to find unique pieces, good deals and also as a more sustainable addition to my habits as a consumer. I love the idea of purchasing something pre owned, and giving it a new home!"

Photo from @sandrawiller

What do you look for when buying secondhand? 

"I love the classics, but when shopping secondhand I also love looking for unique pieces. The feeling when you find something super cool and unique secondhand is just different somehow than going into a store where everything is in stock. I look for pieces that make me do a double take. I know classics are always safe, but the items in my wardrobe that bring me most joy personally are the more unique ones."

What piece in your wardrobe is your favourite? 

"That is a very tough one, but maybe my golden Dior Diorama. It's very intricate, and I get lots of compliments on it - also from people that don't know/care about luxury brands. If you are familiar with Dior, you can tell it's designer - but if not you just see a cool bag that stands out since it has no obvious branding."

Sandra wearing her Dior Diorama. Photo from @sandrawiller

Why do you sell your own secondhand items? 

"I like to sell pieces if I feel like I'm not getting proper usage out of it. It feels wasteful to have it sitting in my closet, if someone else would love it. Sometimes if I have my eye on something new, I also tell myself; something has to go, so I don't become a total hoarder ;)"

What are you considering selling atm? 

"My beige Chanel shoulder bag, I have listed it on TVB, as I don't feel like I give it the love it deserves, and the color doesn't compliment my skin tone!"

It’s Sandra’s approach to circular shopping that makes her a great fit for TVB – you can sell the items you no longer wear and instead buy the next item that will, hopefully, bring you joy for many years to come!

Sandra wearing her Chanel bag. Photo from @sandrawiller

What’s your favourite items available at TVB right now? 

"There is some many good pieces to choose from, but here are my current faves."

"This Chanel necklace has such a classic and pretty look!"

"This shoulder bag and this handbag are both such good Prada finds."

"The Dior Bowling bag is the embodiment of all my Y2K dreams and a Louis Vuitton Speedy is a classic, truly."

"Chanel sneakers are so lovely, I highly recommend them – and this combo is so nice."

"This is knitwear Harry Styles would approve of!"

Sandra’s top picks from TVB shows her classic and feminine style but also shows that she’s on the lookout for those more special pieces as well – we’re looking at that pink knit from Gucci!

Sandra already mentioned how she wants to show that people can be more than one thing. This is prominent in her fashion inspiration as well – everything from old Hollywood to very trendy Y2K can be mixed and matched.

Where do you find inspiration for your wardrobe? 

"I love finding references and inspiration in movies and pop-culture. I love old hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn & Brigitte Bardot, something about those timeless looks have always captivated me. But really any era and reference can be used. I also love Y2K, Paris Hilton, glitter & pink as well as late 60's/early 70's  – think Margot Robbie in Once Upon a time in Hollywood! I have a black Chanel quite similar to the one she wears in it, and I also have a multicolor Pochette Accessories that Lindsay Lohan wears in Mean Girls. I think so many things can be iconic in their own right, and I love borrowing from different aesthetics and eras to create my own."

Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate in Once Upon A Time... in Hollywood. Photo by chanel.com on Pinterest. Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron in Mean Girls. Photo by theluxuryhandbag.wordpress.com

Are there any specific items you look for when shopping secondhand and what are you on the lookout for at the moment? 

"I'm on the hunt for a work bag that fits my laptop – since I've started doing more consultant work I need to be more mobile. I've had a habit of purchasing quite small bags, I just think they're so cute and in general prefer the look of smaller bags – but functionality is also important. I'm eyeing the Chanel executive, maybe in a fun color, but could also be tempted by something from Prada."

Chanel Executive from TVB

We’ve loved chatting to Sandra about inspiration and everything secondhand as well as getting to know her a bit more personally. Stay tuned to see who we catch up with next!

Written by Alberte Gram
Alberte Gram is a fashion writer based in London.
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