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For a long time now, preppy has been making its way back into the fashion picture and converting to sporty chic is actually quite easy if you’ve already succumbed to preppy. Below you’ll find a list of items to add to your existing wardrobe if you want to add a bit of sporty!


Loafers and small white socks have been a big deal this fall and winter with both skirts – long and short – and pants. If you however want to be a bit more sporty, you can simply change out of your loafers and simply step into a pair of sneakers instead. The Adidas Sambas (or Spezial and Hamburg) have slowly but steadily sneaked into the picture and are such an easy way to make any outfit that much more sporty.

The Adidas Sambas are just an example of a sneaker you can substitute your loafers for, but there are no limits – if you don’t like those, there are many other options!

Sporty chic


Choosing the right bag

When it comes to being chic, the first step is always a great handbag. The Bowling bags from both Dior and Prada are good options, if looking sporty is also a priority. They’re functional and can carry most things while still looking classic.

The Messenger bags from Prada are also great for functionality and for a sporty look, but the Bowling bags scream vintage sportiness and are a great nod to “tennis chic”. 

Tennis chic 

As the preppy look has made a comeback so has the pleated skirts. This can also easily be made sporty with the addition of sneakers, socks and a puffer vests. If done right, this will make anyone you pass by think of tennis and there’s nothing more sporty or elegant than tennis.

Picking the right fit

Take a page out of the “courtside basketball girlfriend” book and add an oversized open shirt or a skin tight knit vest or t-shirt for that effortlessly sporty vibe.


Photos: ximenamoral, bayagorbusha & marinamcerezo

When it comes to looking sporty – or stylish in general – a great thing to think about is contrasts. Add a tight blouse to some baggy jeans and a pair of sneakers or add an oversized shirt to a skirt. 

Comfort for the cold

It’s winter and it’s cold and maybe you’re looking for something that’ll be winter appropriate while still making you look effortlessly sporty. One way to achieve this is simply to add a puffer vest to any outfit.

Above is an example of how you can add a puffer to any outfit and make it look chic! Emma Chamberlain has styled a skirt with a puffer and sneakers and have made an otherwise unassuming outfit that more exciting. 

Going sport mode 

If you’re wanting to look more sporty than chic you can choose to go all out. You can wear athleisure and simply add elegant accessories to create the perfect combination. 

Above you can see that Bella Hadid has opted for a full sporty look but she’s chosen to wear kneehigh socks instead of ankle socks which adds a sense of femininity and a very subtle nod to the preppy vibe. 

Photo: ximenamoral

It’s all about the small things and about bringing a sense of contrast into an outfit. Going all in on sporty is such a vibe and if you wear nice jewelry and a quality bag, you’ll look chic in no time – even in a tracksuit.

Written by Alberte Gram
Alberte Gram is a fashion writer based in London
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