The biggest accessory trends at CPHFW SS23

As small as possible

The guests at fashion week didn’t need to bring a lot of stuff – at least if you go by the size of their bags! During all three days in Copenhagen, people showed up with tiny bags.

This isn’t a new trend, however, as Jacquemus first debuted their Le Chiquito bag on the runway of the Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection. The bag was a massive hit and made a strong comeback as part of FW18. Since then, bags have been getting smaller and smaller, and apparently the trend isn’t dead yet.

If you want to take part in this trend, check out our selection of small bags HERE.

Sun shield

The sun was high in the sky during fashion week and guests might have needed a bit of protection. When it came to choosing how to go about it, they had a clear winner – a beige sun hat. The sun hat is and has always been a classic and it comes in so many different shapes and sizes. Some prefer a cowboy hat style while others like to go for the classic wide brim.

One thing a lot of guests had in common was that they liked their hat to have ties. You can tie them or have them trail behind you, but one thing is for sure. The raffia hat is great for sun protection and for accessorizing. See our edit of hats HERE.

Pop of color

A great way to add a bit of flair to any outfit is to add colorful accessories! At Copenhagen Fashion Week guests weren’t afraid to spice things up with colorful bags – and boots!

A colorful accessory is perfect for adding a but of pazaz to an otherwise muted outfit as was the case with some people at fashion week. When you do this, your accessories stand out more that if you have a loud outfit on. If you however choose to wear an ‘out there’ outfit you can choose to wear accessories in contrasting colors to make them stand out more, or you can choose to go for a full monochrome look with accessories in the same color as your outfit!

All of these styling choices were present at Copenhagen Fashion Week and just like with everything in fashion, there are no rules. Shop colorful secondhand pieces HERE and make this trend your own.

Doing denim

Denim was a massive trend this fashion week, and the same goes for accessories. You can go for a full denim look with matching denim accessories or you can choose to partake in the denim trend via your accessories.

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Written by Alberte Gram
Alberte Gram is a fashion writer based in London.
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