Wardrobe Staples for winter 2022-23

What are the trends?


Women have always worn mini bags, all the way back to the early to mid 1900s. Back then, the small bags were a sign of wealth, as the small bags were seen as elegant and classy because of their size. They were a status symbol and in some way they still function as such. The women of the royal families all across the world always carry small bags or clutches and sometimes none at all. It seems, the less you carry around, the less you have to worry about.

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A Y2K take on prep

Preppy. Miu Miu’s take on the trend earlier this year has set something big in motion. It’s all about thigh-skimming mini skirts – maybe even pleated – shirts, jumpers, knitted vests and loafers. But the thing is – it has to have a twist. Olivia Rodrigo has played a major part in making preppy more gothic with her large boots and black lace slips – this is the Y2K twist! Prep has been around for so long and now it’s time to add something new to the style, a bit of edge.

Hard shoulders

If you’re shopping for a new coat or jacket this season (or anything with shoulders really), be on the lookout for something with sharp and exaggerated shoulders. A great way to jump on this trend could be an oversized blazer – it can be a muted color in wool or more dressy in a bright color. 

Gen Z in general has proven to have had an influence on the runway for this coming season. Their love of corsets are showing as the enhanced and highlighted waists are here and they’re cinched.


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What are we wearing?


The price of heating is on the rise all across the world so bundle up in layers of knitwear to keep warm. Knit comes in all shapes and sizes and this season it’s hot to go all out. Go for layers of different colors or styles or try a two-piece or a matching set. You can also pair your knitwear with something completely different, like a silk slip, for a look filled with nice contrasts.


Another ongoing theme for the season is gender fluidity. This can be expressed in many ways and one way is suits. The magnificent two-piece is no longer just for the office – they’re taking over the streets. The suits of the season are made of luxurious materials, like velvet, come in a magnitude of bold prints and eye-catching colors.

White tank top

A white tank top – it’s not groundbreaking, we know, but you can’t deny that if it’s right, it’s so good. It goes with everything and is great for layering in winter. You can dress up the simple piece of clothing with a skirt or pants in a luxurious material, like leather, and it’s no longer plain. Multiple brands have created their version of the basic tank in order to make it more noteworthy. It’s all about great materials, adding a special touch (logos like Prada) and most importantly a great and flattering fit.


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Bomber jackets

One of the most versatile jackets – the bomber. It’ll take you straight from your early morning workout to the office and straight to dinner and drinks. It’s a safe bet in even its most simple form or you can go for a new take on the age old style.

Oversized outerwear

Oversize everything is always nice and comforting in the cold months and outerwear is no different. You can go for comfortable and slouchy or go for structured with the above mentioned exaggerated shoulders.

What are the hot materials?


Leather is back, but did it ever really leave? The material is perfect for keeping you warm, it’s durable and most of all, it’s super fashionable. No matter what you’re shopping for this season, keep an eye out for leather – this goes for accessories, bags, shoes, skirts, tops, dresses, you name it.

What shoes are we putting on?


Rubber boots, rain boots, wellies – you know them. You don’t have to buy actual boots made for rain, but the original Wellington shape is definitely in fashion this season. You can go old school and shop for actual rubber boots, but the same shape in leather is also the talk of the town.


Loafers have been on the rise all year and they’re still super hot. Wear them with tights or a nice frilly ankle sock and you’ll seamlessly be able to wear them into the colder season as well. This type of footwear can be worn for both work and for parties, it all comes down to styling. Loafers are also perfect if you want to dapple in the preppy style for winter.

Thigh-high boots

Also called pantaboots! They’re so high they almost double as pants. The trouser-boot hybrid is perfect for keeping you warm all winter, even if you choose to wear your mini skirt out. 

No matter what style of boots or shoes you’re shopping for this winter, one last thing to add is buckles.

 Buckles are a massive hit this season, so when you’re browsing shoes, you might want to take an extra look at the ones with this nice twist. This again plays perfectly into the gothic Y2K twist on preppy.

Written by Alberte Gram
Alberte Gram is a fashion writer based in London.
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